Divots Golf

What is Divots Golf?

Divots Golf is our app that is released to both app stores with your branding.  They are fully customizable and easy to manage even after they are in the stores.  It not only works as an extension of your website including most tee time systems but it also interfaces with all Golf Guru products so one app is all you will need.  This includes Leagues, Outings, Handicaps, and Signups.   

When will Divots be released to the public?

Many parts of the Divots apps are already complete so we are already starting to onboard businesses.  By mid-December we should be ready to rock.     

If my business buys the app will we get discounts on other Golf Guru Products?

Yes,  We have discounts set for each product you use up to a max of $450 if you use them all!

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