Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about how to use the worlds most advanced league tracking platform. Here are some answers, but feel free to reach out if you can't find what you are looking for.

We are confident you will enjoy working with Golf League Guru but for ease of mind we don’t collect payment until leagues have completed 3 rounds. At that point, if you choose, you can walk away with no questions asked.

Each player will have access to the mobile app and the player portal if they choose.  Both will show schedules, pairings, results, skins, roster and more. The app will also allow players to add scores for the league round, request subs, track stats, view all reports and more.

Yes, our import allows you to enter players, teams, contact information and score history.

We have 3 main ways to communicate with players, email, push notifications and group texting which can be done through our messaging area on the site or through the app.

Unlike other systems, we charge once per year no matter how many leagues a golfer plays in. A cell number is required to send the verification code to your users so they can enjoy the app and verify that they own the number so it’s not billed twice. Adding an email without a cell will allow you to send them a message asking them to download the app and verify.

Players can use the roster to send messages via text or email. If mobile scoring is used, players may use the on-course communication area of the app to send a message to the field.

Yes, mobile scoring is turned on by default but not required.

Yes, we will automatically dot the scorecards based on the stableford, individual lowball, team lowball, or best ball lowball depending on your settings.

According to the USGA by stroking off the low ball, the higher handicap player/team receive their handicap strokes on the holes where they need them most – resulting in more holes tied compared to holes won or lost. If players/teams used full Playing Handicaps in match play, the better player/team would have the advantage on the more difficult holes (because he or she would also be getting strokes) and the other player would have an advantage on the easier holes.

In the case of a best ball match, the four golfers (two per team) compare course handicaps. The lowest HDCP golfer plays at scratch (0), and the other three reduce their handicaps by the same amount. If the four-handicaps in the match are, for example, 4, 10, 17 and 23, then the 4-handicap plays off scratch (0) and the other three course handicaps are reduced by three (becoming, in this example, 6, 13 and 19).

Yes, a season simply resets the points but keeps the previous seasons points available to look at.

No, add a group of buddies or run league that fills the course. Just have fun!

Yes, as long as the teams remain the same you can alternate between formats.

Yes, breaking the league up into divisions is a great way to stay organized. Divisions can easily be set to play opposite sides/courses each week.

Yes, a golfer/team can be replaced with another golfer/team at any time during the season.

Yes, teams that are removed but not replaced will be filled in with a blind draw team for the remainder of the league.

We have three options for handicapping, Custom Handicaps, USGA, or Scratch.

Custom Handicaps: If you’re trying to match your current handicap system custom is most likely what you’re looking for. Select the number of scores to use, the number of high and/or low scores to drop, the percentage to apply and much more.

USGA World Handicap System: The USGA handicap cannot be calculated by any software package or group therefore it requires that each player in the league has an official USGA Handicap.

Scratch: No handicaps will be used

If you play Individual match play the rankings are set by Handicap the day of the round. This also means that a sub or a blind draw coming in may change the match ups. If two team members handicaps are tied, the system will look at the raw number before rounding to determine the correct position. Positions can be overridden at any time by the admin.

No, pairings or tee times are not required.

Yes, you can use as many courses as you like. Traveling leagues may have a different course each round.

Yes, each round you have an option to run gross or/and net skins games. Mark the players that are participating in each group and set the amount you have in each pot. We will do the breakouts for you.

We recommend finding a sub when you can but we also allow blind draws and give an option to play against par (the course).

Yes, our points editor allows you to edit points for any round by player or by team.

During the setup process the admin can choose to request system fees from the league participants or pay the total for all players. Either way they will have 3 rounds before payment is required.

Yes, Settings, and all player data will move over if you renew your league.

We have a great support team. We answer questions in real-time by phone or if you have a question that isn’t as urgent you can contact us by email or use the support tool located on your admin dashboard.

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